The Most Obvious Signs of Aging Revealed

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While aging is a gradual and inevitable process of life itself, the signs of aging can be quite disheartening and may even lower one’s self-confidence to a great degree. However, by knowing what the most obvious and early signs of aging are, it is possible to take preventative measures and follow paths of treatment for a younger looking body, which naturally gives way to a higher self-esteem and self-confidence. On that note, let us now discuss some of the most obvious signs of aging, as revealed by modern science.

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Laugh Lines

In medical terms, laugh lines are referred to as deep nasolabial folds and ironically enough, they are caused by all the times we have laughed throughout the years! When we are younger, laugh lines don’t form because the skin still has enough elasticity to get back to its original shape and position after the stretching caused by laughing, but as we age, that elasticity is slowly lost, and the laugh lines become more prominent.

Bags and Wrinkles Under the Eyes

Few things declare “I am old” more profoundly than bags and wrinkles under the eyes, which is made even worse if you already have dark circles or puffy eyelids to begin with. Fortunately, in spite of being one of the most obvious and undesirable signs of aging, bags, dark circles and wrinkles under the eyelids are quite easy to treat with a simple cosmetic surgery, known as blepharoplasty. You can check for double eyelid surgery Thailand price and more details regarding what to expect during and after the procedure on the official Naravee website.


Jowls are formed when the facial tissues on the side of our face lose some of their elasticity due to aging, and this makes way for a droopy appearance. It makes the jawline look softer and gives the overall face a squarish appearance, instead of the usual oval shape most of us normally have. Over time, and when left untreated, jowls can look quite disheartening as it is a clear sign of aging. However, in overweight individuals, jowls are formed irrespective of the person’s age, although in a social setting, it might be seen as both a sign of aging and obesity.

Neck Laxity

Just as it is with jowls, neck laxity occurs when the skin around the throat and neck begins to sag and form folds, due to the skin becoming loose in the area. Neck laxity alone can give someone the appearance of having a double chin, even if he/she isn’t overweight enough to have one.

Almost all of the obvious signs of aging that we discussed are caused by the loss of elastin and collagen from our skin, which makes it loose and prone to problems such as wrinkles, folds, jowls, lines and bags. For those that have not yet developed any of the signs we just discussed, you can still keep them at bay, or at least under control for years with the help of regular exercise, proper diet, age-adequate supplementation and at least 7 – 8 hours of solid sleep every night. The rest can follow the same rules as well, but only after seeking the treatments necessary to remove the signs that have already become too prominent to improve with just a change in one’s lifestyle.

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